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SHENZHEN YUEER Industrial co., LTD,iocated in China's most economically developed southern China, China's youngest and most dynamic economy in the International Garden City - Shenzhen, adjacent to the information fast, convenient transportation and economic prosperity of Hong Kong, the company is in Hong Kong investment in China to set up a Hong Kong-owned enterprises, make full use of Hong Kong's rich and efficient information resources, developed a flexible monetary policy, combined with a wealth of natural resources in southern China, a large number of low-skilled labor resources to the rapid development and growth.

Company plant covers an area of over 8800 square meters, employs 300 people, a comfortable working environment, subordinate departments including lathes, stamping, die-casting, mold, electronic components, engineering, plastic, injection molding, and the like. It has more than senior engineers and managers, and the introduction of a large number of advanced equipment and machinery, to provide related components for many well-known international brands.MS01 Aluminum replacement antenna masthttp://www.carantenna.cc/replacement-mast/ms01-aluminum-replacement-antenna-mast.html

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