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Car Antenna Related Introduction

29 Jun 2015 -
Car antenna,  refers to  mobile communications antenna mounted on a vehicle.For example,buses have DVB-T antenna,cars have TV antenna, Logistics and taxis are  equipped with CB antenna, GPS antenna.In fact,car antenna is also an electrostatic discharge device,which can discharge static electricity accumulated in the car shell of a driving car,thus,passengers and automotive circuits can be protected.

Generally,car antenna,divided into built-in antenna and external antenna, is applied to radio and compact disc in automobile.Besides,car antenna is also a good decoration to make your private car unique and attractive.http://www.carantenna.cc/power-antenna/ca318-5-section-replaceable-fully-automatic-AM-FM-supply-power-antenna.html Custom mounting bases 5-section replaceable stainless steel Automatic Antenna CA318

Now,our company mainly produces car radio antennas and related accessories (such as replacement mast additional cables )and so on.
By category,we have 9 types:1.Electric antenna amplifier 2.CB antenna 3.Power antenna 4.Universal antenna 5.GPS antenna 6.Antenna adaptor 7.Extension cables 8.Booster cables and 9.Replacement mast

By Mounting we have 1,paste-type ;2, sucker ;3, Plug-in; 4, thread; 5, suck the roof ; 6, paste glass ;7, card edge style.
specification of our car antenna:
1.DC voltage:10V∽16V  
2.Supply current: <80 MA
3.Working Frequency:AM:535-1605KHZ FM:87.5-108MHZ
4.Type of power wire: 3C2V, 2.5C2V Double Cable, 1.5C2V, RG174
5.Characteristic impedance:75Ω ,50Ω
6. Antenna angle : 0 °to  90 °
7.Working temperature:-20℃~+85℃
8.Storage temperature:-40℃~+90℃

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