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Services Marketing Pre-sale service

06 Jul 2015 -
Services Marketing Pre-sale service is a series of service work that stimulates customer's purchase desire before contacting the product. The content of pre-service is variety, mainly providing information, market research forecasting, product customization, processing and finishing, providing consultations, telephone orders and mail order, and also offers a variety of convenient and financial services. The main purpose of it is to help customers make project planning and system requirements analysis, so that our products can satisfy customer needs, while also enabling customers to make the greatest investment of overall economic efficiency. Now the market is a buyer's market.Consumers have sufficient choice because of the product oversupply. Consumers won't care about your product if the firm don't have good pre-sales service.No good pre-sale services - high quality products, consumers will be in trouble while using the product,and no matter how good the after-sales service is ,the problem would not be solve fundamentally, resulting in people not buying the product. In short, all problems should be resolved before product sales. Therefore, the quality of pre-service is the premise and foundation of product sales and the key to improve the economic profits of enterprises.MA603http://www.carantenna.cc/common-antenna/4-section-stainless-steel-retractable-mast-antenna-with-key-MA603.html
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